Meet the team

Meet our instructors! Amber Moffatt, Phoenix McCoy and Steven Kudla. 


Together they hold over 75 years of skateboarding experience! This crew is extremely passionate about passing on what they know to their students. They all want to positively impact our youths’ future by providing fun and inspirational lessons to assist them in skateboarding, snowboarding and life. 


Amber started Inertia in 2020. She has been teaching and coaching Snowboarding for over 20 years and has an extensive background in competing in Skateboarding. She has also been part of the popular Toronto-based skateboard crew @babes_brigade. Amber took what she had learnt over the years and developed a program geared towards building confidence in a safe environment through Skateboarding. 


Steven is a Technical wizard on his Skateboard! He builds Skateboard ramps in his spare time and is a well-established artist in North Bay. He has been a big part of keeping Skateboarding alive in our community by creating opportunities for the youths to learn Skateboarding in fun and progressive ways. Steven has hosted many sessions over the years with the very ramps he builds and is a major influence on the culture in NB. Amber brought Steven on as an instructor Summer of 2021. 


Phoenix moved back to North Bay in the fall and almost instantly became a part of the team sharing a passion for Skateboarding. His background as an S&C coach, working with athletes, running his own business, and all-around awesome positive attitude brings a unique blend of skills. From injury prevention methods; to improving fitness, nutrition awareness, athletic development and lame jokes, he fits perfectly with the Inertia team. 


Together this trio provides a wealth of knowledge and experience about Skateboarding & Snowboarding while contributing very practical tools to teach board sports at a professional level. We couldn't be more proud of what this team has to offer and what they bring to the community!!